8578 E Washington St. Chagrin Falls, 44023
Open Tuesday - Saturday 8AM- 3PM

A local café with a greater purpose.

The Two Café and Boutique is an organization that provides real work experience in an integrated setting.



Holiday Pastry 2019
Holiday Meny 2019

Don't forget about us for your catering needs around this holiday season!

Please give all orders at least a 24 hours notice.

Christmas Deadline- order needs to be picked up by Saturday, December 21st at 3pm

Email catering@twofoundation.com for all orders



Who We Are

The Two Foundation was started in 2013 to bridge the gap that exists between high school or a sheltered workshop and community employment for individuals with exceptionalities. 

The Two Foundation brings awareness to the community about how to celebrate diversity, and how to focus on individual’s strengths. We believe in full integration of the local workforce. The starting point is our training center: The Two Café and Boutique. The Two Café and Boutique is more than a local farm – to – fork café and coffee shop, we exist to provide real work experience and employment for individuals with exceptionalities in a fully integrated setting. The cafe is not only a place you can count on for healthy, and local food. It is place where you can truly make a difference in the world.


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I am a healthy eater (ok, for the most part,) and I love the "farm-to-table" concept at TWO CAFE. I feel like, in a way, it is an extension of my own kitchen. It is a great place for a delicious breakfast, lunch or just a decadent cappuccino. It's the most delicious, best-kept secret in Bainbridge. I always run into many friends there. It's this quaint "neighborhood mom" junction, a sort of communal kitchen where we can take a break from cooking and stay connected and relax together. Everything on the menu is delicious, but my all-time favorite is the Organic Egg Scramble, loaded with a rainbow of roasted veggies and flavorful sausage. They have a wonderful and most welcoming staff. I love TWO CAFE!!

Customer- Two Cafe and Boutique

I was there for the first time today (not the last) and love this place. Great food and wonderful people who own/work there and just a great feel-good atmosphere. Thank you for opening up a much-needed restaurant in this area.

Customer- Two Cafe and Boutique

The food is amazing and such friendly staff and the most amazing mission. By far my favorite lunch place. And the hot chocolate is the best in town!

Customer- Two Cafe and Boutique

Great food, great people, and a great mission! Do yourself a favor and check this place out. I've only had the pleasure of eating here once so far but the food was exceptional! Looking forward to going back for more!

Customer- Two Cafe and Boutique

Charming atmosphere and friendly service. Vegan tomato soup is excellent.

Customer- Two Cafe and Boutique